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My Vision Continues…

tn_newbookThis is the extraordinary, true story of one man’s spiritual journey. Manny Twofeathers, a Native born of Mixedblood, was reared a Catholic. In late adulthood, he began a search for a more fulfilling spiritual path. He found the Sacred Pipe, and the ancient ritual called “The Sundance”.

This ceremony of sacrifice, is a way to give thanks to the Creator, and have prayers answered.

His story, in his own words…through painful and revealing detail, Manny bares his soul, his visions, his strengths and weaknesses. In this third edition, he has included 7 additional Sundances.

Stone People Medicine A Native American Oracle

coverThis new edition of the Stone People Medicine allows the reader to use the Stone cards. Like tarot or runes, they can be used to provide guidance and insight.

Renowned Native American Author and workshop leader, Manny Twofeathers, explains the history of stones and their uses both spiritually and practically.

Along with clear instructions for conducting your own interpretations, 12 divination cards with 2 different layouts: The Five Directions and the Medicine Wheel, allows the reader advice to their questions, to help others, and ways to attain the things they desire.


Stone People Medicine

tn_spm1From cliff dwellings to diamonds, man has surrounded himself with stones since the beginning of time.

Stones are the original material of our Mother Earth and they carry the knowledge of the universe. That knowledge is there for the taking. It’s there for those, willing to learn, listen and put into practice that information.

As powerful as the mind is, it is worthless without knowledge and guidance. That’s where the Stone People Medicine comes in. The power and the knowledge to direct the mind is supplied by prayers and stones.

My Road to the Sundance

tn_sundanceThis compelling and touching story is a must read for all.

A casual account of intensely painful ceremonial rituals that provide pathways to the spiritual world of the Shoshoni and Lakota peoples. The usual picture of religious self-flagellation pales compared with what Twofeathers, a Native spiritual leader and craftsman, undergoes to achieve a higher understanding. Writing in a relaxed conversational prose, Twofeathers describes how, at urgings from the spirit world, he began to immerse himself in the yearly Sundance rituals held throughout the West.


My Road to the Sundance (hardcover)

tn_sdhardcManny and myself, self-published this book in 1995. You’ll cry, get thirsty, laugh and be moved when you read about this man’s spiritual road. We have received over 3,000 letters and phone calls from people in all walks of life, that said the book changed their life. Find out what they are talking about. It’s now available in German and Italian, only now it’s called, The Road to the Sundance